Retail ◦ Mongkok, Hong Kong


Toiling hours
of dedicated critical thinking
Virtual models


to make things perfect


Different materials
appeared in this project
Days elapsed


to construct the project

Provisions: 440 sq.ft. usable floor area  Nature: Shopping mall retail store  Client: Champion

Location: Mongkok, Hong Kong • Status: Completed 2017

The ever first dedicated exclusive store for the American sports apparel brand Champion™ in Hong Kong. Designed to be realized by a unmistakably Champion™ fit-out, the store is fulfilled with the use of chip wood defining simplicity in design. Merchandises were sorted by categories on one side of the store, leaving an undoubtedly comfortable circulated ambulatory for users. Walls in white, reflectively lit by spotters and downlights, the store is left bright and clear, shimmered by the heavily-contrasted chip wood furnishings and black-painted aluminum tubes. Again, unmistakably Champion™.