Pulled together and formed an alliance.

Some sort of force pulled us together to form an alliance to further pursue excellence in design.
It's in our eyes to achieve better-than-others standards.
It starts with one.
We used to be college-mates studying the same discipline and courses. We see each other everyday and soon we are merged with similar goals and perspectives about the definition of excellence in design. We shares similar philosophies, perspectives, the way how we do designs and even hobbies. With varying but experienced backgrounds, we realized that establishing an alliance and shares the world our thoughts may actually be a very good idea, and so we did it, Sixcorners Studio Limited was officially born on June 27, 2016. 
Bits of differences.
We are a bit different than the others because we see things as an architectural designer rather than typical urbanners. We think thoroughly and place passionate effort into the execution of design. We admire design as a state of regal process of creating something new and extraordinary and solve problems by innovations and consummate our plans as architectural designers. Diversified professional and experienced backgrounds also enabled us to combine merits in purpose of solving higher-end problems known only to architectural designers, we dynamically have the know-how to create stunning spaces in your mind.
Have technology solves problems.
We believe in the fact that innovation is the key to many problems alive, technically and aesthetically. We use meaningful technologies to help ourselves out here to also improve efficiency in design. Let the computers do repeated works, let them compute massively complicated mathematical solutions of times of light rebounds inside a room, let them execute precision engineering qualities over naturally-staked human flaws. Technology didn't just buy us the time we don't have the luxury of, it also improves workmanship by providing accurate data for works which are considered impossible to be made back then.