Artelite HK
Commercial ◦ San Po Kong, Hong Kong


Toiling hours
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Different materials
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Provisions: 900 sq.ft. usable floor area  Nature: Commercial office Client: Artelite HK 

Location: San Po Kong, Hong Kong • Status: Completed 2016

Inside the still-changing skyline of San Po Kong, a place of glittering industrial lights, sits the head office of Artelite HK, a practice specializing in the design of casement windows and produced aluminum features. The idea was to deliver optimized efficiency and pale color tones in order to produce a lively atmosphere for the office. It's also a playful time for us to discover various interesting materials like the electrolyte panel to make things stick, fire-proofed and water-proofed cement board, and the very raw agglomerated wood panel for all tabletops to sparkle the bits and parts within details.